International Finance

FINANCIAfrica covers our activities outside of the Central Africa Region, from the international financial hub Casablanca-based (CFC), in line with our pan African strategy.


Establishment in Casablanca Finance City (CFC)
Finance City

The Group chose to open an international branch in Casablanca Finance City named FINANCIAfrica in order to meet the expectations of some of our international clients. The Group intends to:

  • Get closer to clients based in Europe, North America, Middle-East, Asia and Australia;
  • Leverage the Economic and Financial Hub and a bridging platform between the north and the south attracting a large spectrum of professional organizations (large banking groups, business law firms, etc.).

The Casablanca Finance City (CFC) is a tailor-made village being developed for large national and international foreign institutions seeking to operate in the region and gain access to French-speaking African markets. CFC caters primarily to institutions in 3 key sectors: financial services, professional services and regional and international headquarters activities, offering eligible companies operating in these sectors a marketplace to undertake their activities on a regional and international level.


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